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AMC hosts the Asan Academy Symposium 2019 : Human-oriented Education in a Hyper-connected Society ASAN International Visiting Scholars(IViS) Program Appointment Contact Details Subscribe Unsubscribe AMC teams discover new embolization technique to treat cerebral aneurysm with surgical difficulty AMC hosts the 16th Rhinoplasty Symposium AMC team finds that the possibility of intracranial aneurysm rupture in heart sugeries is very low AMC Professor Park Sook Ryun wins a national project to develop an AI-based smart pharmacovigilance system AMC to lead a national project aiming to integrate medical data AMC Professor Lee Sahmin wins a national project for the development of new drugs for valvular heart diseases AMC liver transplantation team transfers liver transplantation skills to the Cho Ray Hospital of Vietnam Professor Chao Chan-yu, Department of Radiology, Shanghai Tenth People¡¯s Hospital 2019 AMC Plastic Surgery 30-year Anniversary Symposium: Aesthetic & Reconstruction 2019 14th Asan Meniscus & Osteotomy Symposium Unsubscribe Facebook Twitter