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Interview with students of College of Medicine in King Saud University of Saudi Arabia training in AMC Department of Ophthalmology ASAN International Visiting Scholars(IViS) Program Appointment Contact Details Subscribe Unsubscribe Asan Foundation publishes the English edition of Born of This Land: My Life Story, a memoir of the late founder Chung Ju-yung AMC Liver Transplantation Team transfers LDLT skills in Vietnam and Mongolia AMC transfers novel drug target technology that improves the effect of radiotherapy AMC successfully treats a 5-year old boy with difficulty in swallowing with POEM. AMC Heart Institute hosts the 24th CardioVascular Summit-TCTAP 2019 AMC holds the 3rd CACT-CND Joint Symposium on Non-Clinical Development of Cancer Immunotherapy AMC ChildrenĄ¯s Hospital hosts a Symposium to Celebratecelebrate the 10th Anniversary Growing with Children - Professor Lee Hyeon-Heon, AMC Department of Dentistry AMC Professor Song Ho-Young selected as honorary member of Japan Radiological Society AMC Medical specialists of the Division of Gastroenterology awarded at International Symposium A Chinese man recovers his health after a living donor liver transplantation at AMC Patients from the Philippines and Laos are invited for treatment at AMC 2019 14th Asan Meniscus & Osteotomy Symposium Unsubscribe Facebook Twitter